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Finding ready-to-eat brownies
isn't easy.

We should know.  It's the reason we started this company.

Based out of Durham, NC, we serve an overlooked market: the brownie lovers!  Our goal is simple: deliver a fresh take on this loved American classic.


To do this, we began a painstaking process to create a brownie which would be decadent, rich, balanced, and has a texture that could rival any competition.  And we succeeded! 


In addition to the mind-blowing taste and superior quality of our brownies, our product differentiates itself from the rest with its unique shape, being perfectly portable (no napkins needed here), and having a center pocket ready to fill with whatever toppings your heart desires!

So, are you ready for a brownie break?

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About  CEO & Founder
Amanda Damon


Originally from the DC Metro area, I relocated to Durham, NC for a job at a large biotechnology company based in Research Triangle Park.  Shortly after moving to Durham, I saw how much the area has to offer and quickly made Durham my home.


A scientist at heart, I have spent fifteen years in the biotechnology industry.  My career has been widely spent on a variety of projects completely unrelated to brownies.

Since baking is science, I guess you could say that I have been baking for quite a while...

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